Welcome on the Desert Warriors Rally team site

Feeling like an adventure? Join us on a crazy rally cross experience in eastern europe or northern africa.

In january/february period we will be participating in the Real way to dakar. This rally drives/rides the old route of the original Dakar rally. We start in Morocco and finish at Lac Rose at Dakar, Senegal. For more information, check out the Real way to dakar page here

In the fall we will be visiting beautiful parts of eastern Europe. We then participate in the Illyria raid, that starts in Greece and finishes in Croatia. 2000km’s and 6 countries in 7 days. An easy going, non-competitive rally cross event. Very suitable for beginners. Read more infor about this event here

For all the equipment and spare parts we work closely with Motostore Barendrecht. On most events they are present to help the participants with the service. They also provide a limited amount of regular spares. If special needs are required this can always be arranged. Please contact us for the options here.


Looking for a rental bike, we are also working on that. Contact us if you are interested in this option and we will work it out.